Visitors taking a Seychelles holiday often wax lyrical about discovering a lush garden paradise, skirted by beautiful white sandy beaches set in a cobalt blue sea. Miles of soft white sandy beaches, hidden lagoons and lush rain forest the Seychelles offer so much to the traveller it is difficult to know where to start.Those aren’t the only attractions; the Seychelles has a rich, vibrant Creole heritage and a rich history waiting to be discovered by the adventurer.


An archipelago of hidden gems, secret destinations and some say pirate treasure

The hidden gems may refer to buried pirate treasure, but in realitythe priceless gems (hidden or otherwise) are the sweeping soft, white sandy beaches and the shallow lagoons which dot the coast of the five main islands. Made up of 115 islands this stunning archipelago sitting in the Indian Ocean is a magnet for visitors from all four corners of the earth. Other gems of exquisite beauty you will find on a Seychelles holiday are primeval rain forests stretching back to the dawn of time, picture perfect palm trees and majestic granite peaks rising to meet the sky.


The outer islands are mainly coralline and uninhabited but a visit by private hire boat is a ‘must do’. If you scuba or love snorkeling you will be able to get up close and personal with the marine life which inhabit the reefs. To say the reefs and abundant marine life is magnificent to behold is a bit of an understatement; it is fair to say the experience will remain in your memory for a lifetime.



Culture vultures, fine dining and a Creole heritage


For a break away from the tranquility of your beach side Seychelles holiday take the opportunity to discover the culture and history of the islands and get out and about. The people are warm and welcoming and hiring a car (at least for one day) gives you the opportunity of learning a little about these fascinating islands and the people. Exploring is all part of the adventure, and the delight of coming across a genuine Creole restaurant which locals frequent is always an occasion to savour.



The islands haven’t been reduced to mass tourism therefore the real Seychelles still shines though in abundance, and that includes the food. All inclusive is a seldom used phrase in the Seychelles which means you have a great opportunity to discover a unique cuisine. Influenced by French and Portuguese over the years it is also heavily influenced by the spices, flavours and aromas of India, Sri Lanka and the spice traders of Zanzibar.

While you’re out and about discover the richness of the architectural and cultural legacy left by the French and British which extends back to before the Napoleonic wars of the early 1800s. The architecture is at once recognisable as colonial and yet there is a local signature which is hard to ignore. Culture vultures will love it.

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